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At the same time though, our members love to relax and have a little fun.

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Choosing to date someone from our military dating database ensures that you'll find someone who lives the same lifestyle as you and who appreciates the sacrifices it forces you to make.

Patriotism and family are two traits highly prized by those who serve in the military.

Scammers have all kinds of reasons they need your money -- to help him retire, to be able to come back for R&R (rest and relaxation), to return home from deployment. Even if he is deployed overseas, he is stationed somewhere with someone. Please don’t send any money to this address and stop all communication with these people immediately! Change your phone number, email address, other social network addresses, and any of your financial account passwords and account number too.

Unit information is public information available on the internet. If one or any of these things is true, this person is most likely a scam artist -- not the love of your life.

Start a conversation and arrange to meet up tonight.

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Long-distance was hard enough, but now Charlie's enlisted as an E4 in the United States Army Band.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with military terms, that means Charlie's three ranks ahead of most new-enlistees, because he's in the band.) He's been wanting this for seventeen years (he's nineteen), and I knew this day was coming soon. I'll spend that day in my dorm room, eating a pint of chocolate ice cream and binge-watching Sure, there are some who do a four-year tour of duty, then leave to go on to civilian life, but for most people it's a life-long job. There are a lot of people who smile and thank Charlie for what he's doing for his country.

He said that he applied for his retirement before his deployment and by the end of the year, he got his papers. It was with my agreement, and maybe it was my mistake.

The information you have already provided to the scam artist puts your financial life at risk.

Most army men don’t have enough time to look for women in real life, that’s why with the help of the Internet and special dating websites they hope to find a girl who will be waiting for them.