ricky martin dating Dating a guy with schizophrenia

"I hope it doesn't scare you off."Panicked thoughts raced through my mind. This was the odd humor Sara and I had already established, but I wasn't entirely joking.I'd had several close bipolar friends, and had once been in a long-term relationship with a bipolar woman, Nyla, whom I still consider the smartest person I'd ever met.

At the end of my first date with Sara, she moved in with me. Until that night, we'd only spoken on the phone a few times. By the time the ice in my soda had melted, I'd fallen in love. We'd gone to a Hollywood hamburger stand and gabbed about bands and writers for four hours.However, schizophrenia can take place in anyones life at any given time.One of the first things that are recognizable in schizophrenia is disorganized thinking.However, the disease will not be completely functional until later on in ones life.

By recognizing schizophrenia when one is a young adult, it can be easier to treat. If a person was not receiving mental healthcare, then no - and that is NOT because they are schizophrenic, I would say the same thing to a person who suffered from anxiety, depression, Bipolar Disorder, a neurological disorder, an addiction, etc., etc., etc..My request for someone to be actively pursuing treatment is that I also have mental illnesses, and I am taking my medication and I am in therapy…my goal in life is to be the best possible person that I can be.Sara was twenty-seven, and what people used to call a wag: smart, quick-witted, encyclopedic.She could recount every failed Everest expedition in mesmerizing detail -- the sort of a talent I would expect of a rock climber, not someone who'd never gone camping. Then I found out."There's something you should know about me," she said, a couple of hours into the date. I tried to remember if I'd sipped from her drink."I'm bipolar," she said."Good," I replied. Nine months into their relationship, he and his girlfriend have moved past the early days of butterflies and uncertainty and have begun developing a true bond, the kind that begins to take hold when you become familiar with each other, learn each other’s rhythms, and begin to truly see each other.