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Craig grew up near Liverpool, and enjoyed going to the theater with his mother and sisters.

Many of his mother's friends were actors, and he felt drawn to the profession. I liked the idea of it—you know, shouting a lot and dressing up and all that," Craig told .

The couple was photographed frolicking together on a beach in Hawaii earlier this month (May12), sparking speculation of a new romance.Mitchell and Craig became engaged in 2007, but they ended their seven-year relationship in November 2010.We’ve not seen it before but it’s well worth a watch and shows Daniel Craig’s more comical (and geeky) side. Daniel Wroughton Craig was born on March 2, 1968, in Chester, England.A source revealed that the former co-stars always bonded well and is very thrilled to have reconnected over a worthy cause.“What their respective spouses think about this ancient hookup being revitalized remains to be seen, but for now [Angelina Jolie] and Daniel are talking on the phone a lot,” another source told Gossip Cop.

It is reported that the respective spouses of the co-stars are not aware of their phone calls.Craig played Connor Rooney, the murderous son of a mob boss (Paul Newman).The actor's stand-out performance was lauded by critics and fans alike.The “Tomb Raider” co-stars were romantically linked as they were filming the film in the past. goodwill Ambassador, will work on a project with the former co-actor and the organization’s Global Advocate for the Elimination of Mines and Explosive Hazards.They are once again reported to be reunited soon after the 48-year-old actor recently pushed his advocacy for keeping the people living in conflict areas safe from harm.“Angelina called him to praise his efforts, and the pair have been blowing up the phones ever since,” a source told Radar. According to reports, the actress knew that the “Tomb Raider” remake film will highlight their efforts.He then demonstrated his range when he starred as poet Ted Hughes in the drama Around this time, rumors had begun to swirl about Craig becoming the next actor to play the role of legendary spy James Bond.