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Instead of sending 10 invoices to the same customer each day, week or month, you can merge these invoices into one and save both time and money processing and tracking these documents.

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In fact, there are three different 811 formats possible for billing different account levels and levels of billing information: To accommodate these different billing levels and account structures, the 811 transaction supports two different levels of billing.The EDI 811 Summary Bill is used to provide customers with a broad summary of invoice information for higher level invoice processing.Zuora Billing also has the ability to separate a single charge and bill that charge independently to give you the flexibility to invoice charges independently, allowing you to improve your cash flow by immediately invoicing a charge.If you enable the Invoice the Subscription Separately feature and set it for a subscription, the subscription will always generate its own invoice, regardless of the number of subscriptions bill for that customer on the same bill run.transaction set is a Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement.

This transaction is used in place of the paper invoice or statement for very complex and structured billing applications.After documents have been merged, a report can be printed to ensure that all documents have been merged successfully.Original documents are stored for future reference in the cases where users accidentally merge documents and want to restore them to their original state. SDC is built in Dexterity, the native programming language of Dynamics GP.This transaction set may contain up to nine hierarchical levels.This distinguishes the 811 from the EDI 810 Invoice transaction, as it provides for extensive flexibility in the type and organization of data that may be presented.Any subscriptions that do not have the option enabled that are due to be billed on the same bill run will be included in a single invoice.