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She enjoys practicing stunts, competing against other teams and hanging out with her fellow cheerleaders.When she’s not working on her cheers, Taylor and her teammates can often be found at the bowling alley or the movies, relaxing and having fun.

Her boyfriend, former Louisville football player Zeke Pike, remembers taking her to Sunday services with his family at Seven Hills Church in Florence, Ky.He spoke to her late that night and told her he would see her the next day. Dani Cogswell was found dead of an accidental drug overdose the next morning in the room of Cameron Polk, a freshman wide receiver who was dismissed from U of L's football team in October after being cited for possessing and trafficking codeine syrup, hydrocodone pills and marijuana.Now, through interviews and police reports, a stronger picture of her — and the final hours of her life — has emerged.YOU ARE READING Teen Fiction Gianna is beautiful, popular and she hates her life.I love her to death, so I can't find it in my heart to disappoint her.

You probably are thinking right now, how is her life so 'perfect'?

But Carland hopes her daughter's death helps raise awareness and sparks discussion about the dangers of heroin, an oftentimes fatal drug that has become increasingly common in Kentucky.

After Cogswell's death, U of L said it would create a mandatory drug testing policy for its cheerleaders, much like those that are already in place for other athletes.

He's intrigued by his new stepsister and is determined to find out more... I have my own dreams, but I also have expectations.

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Also: U of L cheerleader died in receiver's room Related: Police suspect overdose in cheerleader death Previously: U of L cheerleaders to be tested due to heroin OD"Hopefully because of this they can save somebody else's life," Carland said.