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@Lars Kumbier About intended use: Think of people who send emails to themselves. ¹) after Android sorts it out @rcrogers Are you sure that all messages aren't appearing on both sides? But compared to email you'll get all the benefits of Signal's encryption.

Given how often moxie reviews PRs for libsignal-service-java, we probably don't want to go this way.

e Gain Chat™ enables you to offer real-time chat assistance to website visitors.

In my exploration of this behavior, I see that all messages are present on both Android and Desktop, but each client shows the 'from' messages differently. Changes will need to happen on the Android side if you'd like to see messages to yourself there show up on Desktop as well!

You may see only 'sent' messages or duplicated 'sent' and 'received' messages, but the messages are always there. :0) In Whisper Systems/Signal-Android#5905, moxie stated that selfmessages should be sent w/o sync messages, and always be displayed on the sending side.

The only problem we really have is that the image tends to be grainy unless the subject is very well lit.

With chat, you can send a direct message to someone in your meeting, or the whole group.

Our sibling devices already know how to display synced sent messages as outgoing so there would not need to be any special casing.

would send selfmessages correctly on S-D I assume saving and displaying received selfmessages as sent isn't a huge deal on S-D? Using two Signal-Desktop instances is really painful with duplicated messages on the receiving device. Reply to this email directly, view it on Git Hub That would require more loc, on android libsignal-servie java does not support that and i am pretty sure i tried sending syncs w/o a "real" message on desktop too and it did not like it.

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