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She had tragically lost members of her family as a teenager and, as a result, she is extremely fearful when it came to her children. In my head, I imagined she was crying for me and that I couldn’t be there for her while the building we were in was under attack.

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Nowadays, internet free call software, SMS, emails, online communities, chat applications and video conferencing via the telephone and internet have changed the experience of migration with implications for family life, sociality, intimacy, and identity (Madianou, 2011; Ros, 2010).Communication through ICTs has a demonstrated impact on migrants – it helps to minimize inequality and marginalization, but it can also promote social inclusion of migrants in host countries (Wilding, 2009).Most participants faced everyday challenges in finding rich communication tools to keep connected.Slow speed internet connection, restriction on free internet call applications, filtering social networks, digital divide in rural areas and generation gap were some effects of ICTs restrictions that affected Iranian transnational communication.I knew I was going to be let out eventually and that I would be reunited with my daughter and husband within hours.

Nazanin has been detained in the notorious Evin prison in Iran for nearly a year.Abstract The aim of this study was to assess what impact the ICTs restrictions in Iran had on communication of Iranian migrant women in Australia with their kin in Iran.It also sought to investigate how Iranian women in Brisbane overcame the ICTs restrictions to stay connected.Such restrictions turned the Iranian migrant women into pioneers and innovators in finding new internet applications and in updating novel communication means which were yet to be filtered by the Iranian government.Introduction ‘Migration is one of the oldest ways of interconnection between different, distant parts of the world’ (Held et al, 1999 as cited in Ros, 2010, p. Changes in communication and interaction between people, the exchange of goods, services, and information among people, however, has transformed ‘the nature, meanings, and logic of immigration’ (Ros, 2010, p.20).Mary was looking in the mirror and suddenly saw the reflection of a scary masked guy standing behind her.