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Also if the machine has been radically altered then it will probably be allocated a ‘Q’ plate registration.(By radically altered means that if it has say, Yamaha front forks, Norton gearbox and Moto Guzzi wheels, so that the only original BSA parts are: the engine and altered BSA frame to accommodate the alterations).The certificate is A4 size therefore it cannot be folded down into a small envelope.

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First of all a word of caution; anybody buying a machine, particularly if it does not have any documentation, proof of origin or you are generally unsatisfied, DO NOT BUY; as mistakes can later prove very expensive. If you know the frame and engine number of your BSA you can use this list to identify it.

These are always stamped, so any raised numbers are casting numbers.

It should also be borne in mind that these listings are given in BSA seasons.

This ran, generally from the August in the previous calendar year through to the factory shut down in at the end of the following July.

Check the status of your Bantam on the following website, Vehicle Enquiry Service If you need to obtain a V5 it’s always a good idea to get the Frame and Engine Number rubbings and pictures done before you get the frame powder coated/painted or the crankcases blasted and polished.

You are strongly advised to, There are two options.

The DVLA may require the bike is inspected by themselves or an appointed agent to verify the details are correct before re-instating or issuing a Registration.

The BSA Owners’ Club was formed in 1958, and has subsequently grown into the largest single marque classic motorcycle club in the whole of the UK.

The foundation of this club is centred around an elected National Committee with a large affiliated branch/group network.

The club also has great ties with all the International BSA Owners’ Clubs.

The BSA Owners’ Club is the main custodian of all official BSA records,dating back to 1907; The club also has an extensive library of everything BSA, including: Despatch Records, Factory Parts Books, Handbooks, Catalogues and Service Sheets, and so much more.