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“I went into the operating theatre a celebrity and came out anonymous,” she once said.She got away with a racy impersonation of her politician mother for a sexy dance routine a couple of days ago.

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Toscano is "totally [Ballas'] type: gorgeous and a musician," says a source.

"They have a strong mutual attraction and are very flirty, but they are not officially dating.

But she didn't have to worry about her mother's reaction after Sarah took to her Twitter page after the performance.

comparison and a battle between the brothers Chmerkovskiy were all on the menu for tonight.

Miss Palin said she intended to dance in a style that “didn’t embarrass her mom”, a former vice-presidential candidate.

The teenager became a public figure during the 2008 US presidential campaign when it emerged that she was pregnant.

Bristol is surrounded by security guards everywhere she goes." Last week a threatening letter with white powder was received at the programme’s production offices and the FBI was called in. A viewer in Wisconsin recently became so angry after watching Miss Palin perform that he fired a shotgun at his television and became involved in an armed stand-off with police.

Sarah Palin said she had told her daughter that "the haters are going to hate" but she should "fly and soar" on the dance floor.

Bristol, who mother to son Tripp, began her performance in a grey office power suit, a clear send-up of her conservative politician mother.

She soon stripped it off to reveal a provocative red dress with tassels.

But the controversy has turned ugly and death threats were received against Miss Palin and her professional dance partner Mark Ballas, 24, who grew up in the UK.