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The 27-year-old Harry Potter star is currently taking the theatre world by storm over in New York in Privacy and Ginny Weaseley herself gave a glowing review of his performance. A post shared by B O N N I E W R I G H T (@thisisbwright) on Fans of the Potter series were sent into meltdown by the appearance of the on-screen lovers, flooding Bonnie’s Instagram feed with declarations of love and support.She told the Evening Standard: "No one comments [on the age difference].

Bonnie was born on 17 February, 1991 in London, England to Gary Wright and Sheila Teague, who are both jewellers and owned their own company called Wright & Teague.Bonnie has an older brother named Lewis, who influenced her to audition for the role of Ginny.everyone's at different stages."We got on really well. The private stars first confirmed they were dating in February 2010.The mini reunion took place Wednesday evening at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, where the two gals were snapped catching up on the red carpet.

We can only guess what they were talking about, but we have a feeling Aside from being her flawless, fashion-forward self, Bonnie seems to be trying to prove she’s the most supportive castmate ever (or just being that way naturally, which is the probable truth).In March, she and “big brother” Rupert Grint hung out at the premiere of his Crackle comedy Reunion! Congrats Dan on another stellar performance 👏🏻 Google is terrifying and I'm now scared to use my phone. "Yes, we're dating," Wright, 21, told a reporter.premiere party to support her former on-screen sister-in-law Hermione Granger (we mean, Emma Watson).She also opened the titular chamber in the same film under the influence of Tom Riddle, the main antagonist of Harry Potter series.