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Our buddy Dave Zatz stumbled across an article in the current Playboy that revealed that Hulu would soon appear on the Roku digital video player, which already carries Netflix and Amazon VOD.

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Vizio's been awfully busy since we last heard from them, updating three product lines with a total of 31 new HDTVs.

The XVT series are more high-end, the M series is more about style, and the E is eco-friendly.

"Rather, Blackberry as a brand just isn't garnering the loyalty seen with other mobile operating systems." There are two main reasons that Blackberry users are wanting to jump ship.

For years Blackberry has always been known as a business tool and not a device someone would purchase for regular day to day use.

Finally I figured out I needed to select the time zone manually.

This is a little tough, when I switched, it bumped all my calendar appts up by 3 hours (naturally), so I had to go though and manually change some of them back.

I tried using wifi on the phone, but I always get the message "Cannot connect to the server" when I open the browser or when I try to configure my email account. When I look under "service status" next to Black Berry Internet Service: not connected & even with Black Bery Enterprise Server.

I disabled Moblie Network Data Services so that I don't use any data by accident. * When I turned on the mobile, browser data works also very well... The BB logo would indicate that your BB is connected to Black Berry (BIS) Internet Service.

First quarter results are in for Ti Vo, and they're not great: revenue is down 9% from the same quarter last year, forcing the company to report a hefty loss just a few months after recording their first year of profitability, ever.

Research firm Crowd Science says that almost 40% of Blackberry owners they polled are willing to ditch their device for an i Phone when next they need new hardware, and 32% said they would jump ship to a Nexus One.

The Palm Pre will be exclusive to Sprint for a weirdly short six months, after which the handset will show up on Verizon, according to CEO Lowell Mc Adam.