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See more » "Girl House" has been called a slasher film for the digital age.The theme was done to death before the turn of the Millennium, though here there is a new twist, a couple of dudes are watching the carnage live on-line but are unable to warn the victims as one by one they are done to death by a disgruntled weirdo who has been driven into a frenzy by a cruel joke.Zazzle sells a wide range of customizable products, including shirts, wearable accessories, stationary, phone cases, and home decor.

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Actually, it wasn't that cruel, but stranger things have happened in real life.In March 2014, a woman was given a 12 year sentence at Snaresbrook Crown Court after throwing acid in the face of a former friend.Jodi Gold told WPIX if you are at a loss as to how to best help your bulled child, the first step is to make sure you’re not part of the problem.A Facebook page, “Justice For Izabel,” decries Laxamana’s punishment and the shaming of other children.Fun Yo helps you meet random people from around the world using your webcam.

There is no signup required & Fun Yo is 100% Free to use!This movie tries to do something different, many people may say it is the same as all slasher films, but this ''girlhouse'' thing is something I had never seen before, and it was very entertaining.The killer was creepy af, they definitely payed homage to the Texas chainsaw massacre because when the killer wore the mask it was extremely similar.Twitter users pointed out last week that T-shirts on the site with some very race-specific quotes and phrases were being modeled exclusively by white women.The site is facing criticism for seemingly having no black models on hand to wear shirts with sayings like 'Black Girl Magic, 'melanin & mascara', and 'unapologetically black'.On Saturday, Izabel Laxamana got out of a car and jumped from a highway overpass, landing on Interstate 5 below, police said. Police believe an unidentified third party uploaded the video, thinking it would help.