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It may be hard to believe for the common tourist, but Bangkok can be such a boring city to live in. And at least if you don’t have something to work on that keeps you busy during the day.Partly because it’s always bloody hot, but mainly because there aren’t that many fun things to do during the day that cost money, apart from walking around in one of the malls and doing people watching.

But with consumer demand and retail outlets established, microbreweries followed. In 2000, there were a mere 18 breweries, of which around half were controlled by Carlsberg or Royal Unibrew.In the last 7 years these have been joined by 80 new micronbreweries and brewpubs, leaving Denmark with an impressive 92 breweries for its 5 million people. Another 50 breweries are in the planning stage and there are 11 "breweries" who get their beer brewed elsewhere. The reaction of local monopolist Carlsberg was surprising: they started microbrewing themselves.Because you will need money to really enjoy life here and don’t get terribly bored, because there’s no beach and no mountains that provide outdoor activities and quality of life for free.So what’s happening similar with the travelers after they completed their three days of sightseeing is the guys are just hitting up the various entertainment venues around town when they’ve got nothing to do.At first they concentrated on imported British, Belgian or German beer.

Not surprising, as there was very little Danish beer worth bothering with.

When checking in at Melbourne Airport on Saturday for Qantas flight QF777 the passenger handed over his luggage - consisting of one solitary can of Emu Export lager.

Ground staff in Melbourne couldn't quite believe their eyes as the lone beer can moved down the conveyor belt as airport employees were quick to snap the bizarre check-in.

Every Wednesday we will be joined in our Beer Garden by local musicians playing original tunes from 6-8pm, free of charge.

August 2nd- The Grady Girls August 9th- Angelo Peters & Dan Barker from Big Mean Sound Machine August 16th- Fall Creek Brass Band August[…] Come to Ithaca Beer on Saturday, July 8th for our Chicken BBQ!

They did however load the lone tinny along with the other baggage onto the plane, and to his amazement, spotted his beer at baggage reclaim.