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It's completely free and can easily replace any antivirus program you have on your computer right now.

Note: AVG Anti Virus's installer may try to make browser changes or install an unnecessary toolbar.

I uninstalled the basic AVG console and now streaming audio works again. I rely on Windows Defender and might get something else soon.

Be careful not to download one of AVG's other programs that only have 30-day free trials.If you want free antivirus software that can give you peace of mind, then AVG Anti Virus Free is your ideal solution.If you’re concerned about that, unchecking the below privacy preferences might help.I never authorized continued payments to this lousy company, but they took information from my Pay Pal account and made it anyway.The AVG Social Networking Protection feature activates upon installation.

As you surf the internet, AVG will prevent you from landing on a site that looks suspicious.It looks like a couple of weeks before I will get the money back. All it got me was their free version (with unlimited popups), and an unauthorized charge. I have had AVG for about ten years, but in the last couple of years when it is time to renew it has seemed like the pop-up hard sell has gotten worse and worse.I'm relying more on Pay Pal than hoping their customer service comes through. The negative reviews for this company's practices are well earned. I have had the feeling that if I didn't renew a feature my browsers would suddenly start to have problems.Important: AVG Anti Virus Free provides constant virus protection, also called protection, for free.This means that AVG Anti Virus Free can completely replace antivirus software from companies like Mc Afee and Norton that charge for their software and for yearly access to updates.AVG Zen Dashboard: Manage all your devices from a single screen Remote Protection: Scan& Remove PC viruses using your mobile.