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Local media said the victims included two men and a woman.

I paid for one month to be able to see my msgs, but saw in my Paypal account that I had pre-authorized recurring monthly payments, which I did not. There aren't many candidates in my area, but at least a few.

Not a lot of means to filter my search or chat, and candidates who are not serious enough to check the replies to their messages, when the website is not down and I can actually see any response.

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Avalanche airbags, typically costing £600 or more, can improve the chances of survival.

Off-piste skiers and snowboarders, and ski tourists, are also recommended to carry an avalanche transceiver, which should be switched on whenever they are skiing. The US National Avalanche Center in Idaho says: “The rapid addition of the weight of a person can easily initiate the fracture on a slope that would not have avalanched otherwise.

It was unclear whether this person, buried in 12m-deep (40ft) was still alive.

The nationality of the fourth skier has not yet been revealed by police.

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