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Of the two, Aries is more intense and demonstrative, but Sagittarius will be eager to go along with whatever fun Aries cooks up.Sagittarius has impeccable social skills that Aries appreciates and finds sexy.If you've recently met an Aries male, you were likely caught up in his charisma and disarming charm.

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When examining Aries' best love matches, it's clear he usually gets along with his companion fire signs of Sagittarius and Leo. They will challenge each other, but they share so many similar likes and activities that they enjoy being together.

Another Aries may also work if all of the other planets in each chart are cooperative. When fire meets fire passions explode, and fire can burn itself out if not careful. So, this couple will have many wonderful stories to tell their grandchildren as well as a few stories they won't be able to tell anyone - ever.

They are also one of the most compassionate and most generous people you will ever meet, with a wisdom beyond their years that will surprise you.

These are just some of the wonderful characteristics that you can discover with the Aries man or woman in your life. It’s okay to feel jittery and excited, especially if this is the first date you will be going on after a long time.

I'm fairly confident this is public, astrologically-proven, agreed-upon knowledge, but I just wanted to restate here so just everyone's on the same page. This means we're usually attracted to someone who's got his sh*t together (plus, his own interests and hobbies) and can give us breathing room to live our own life, in addition to the one we share with you.

The first (and most important) thing is that we are the best lay of the entire zodiac. Now that's that out of the way, let's dig a little deeper, shall we? If we feel like a caged animal, we will flee the moment you crack open the door even a smidge.

Their naturally confident selves goad them to do things their way; when in love with an Aries, you will find that in most cases, they take the initiative to plan and decide things and incredibly enough bring out the most fantastic results.

This may sometimes make an Aries lover, especially a guy, seem bossy and domineering.

Leo is addicted to being in the spotlight and will nudge Aries out of the way without a second thought.