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Our guidelines help to ensure that all chatters will have a pleasant experience.Webcam links for the Disney Cruise Line ports of call.These selected sites record the color of fall tree foliage using "live" web cameras mounted at strategic locations.By viewing these forest web cams, you will see how fall color is spreading and the autumn leaf wave is moving throughout North America.Once there was a conversation on Cal's forum about unsecured cameras on the internet.

The site was mentioned and we used it to find this live webcam at a bar in North Carolina called Jackalope Jacks.

Cryer and Zamen said they were laughing when they realized the camera followed her and not him.

"We thought it was pretty funny, we thought it was hilarious," Zamen said.

(CNN) -- Can Hewlett-Packard's motion-tracking webcams see black people?

It's a question posed on a now-viral You Tube video and the company says it's looking into it.

It showed this picture: This seemed like the perfect opportunity for some live interactive prank calling.