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(See last week’s event with USV’s Fred Wilson.) So if you were expecting something objective here, you’re out of luck — never mind that we’re in the trenches together, she’s also the one who organizes all our events, which inevitably include both food drinks.But more to the point, I see her in action, which is how I realized that she was not only an insane multi-marathoner who knew how to deploy an army of influencers and snap her fingers to get cases of free product delivered, but a creative mind who understood how to enhance experience through interactivity, with high standards and no compromise.

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Undeniably, using i Phone 4 Facetime to connect individuals looking for a "good time" is ultra convenient.Further, with adult companies even providing their employees with i Phones to promote this venture, this could take off.only to later wake blearily to a chipper morning missive sent south of 6 a.m. She’d be that woman of whom people say “I don’t know how she does it” even if she regularly run marathons. You’re welcome, ladies.) Launched with a splash during New York Internet Week 2010 this past June, IRL Productions has become the go-to for high-end, super-buzzy launches and events, including last night's Business Insider SAI 100 party on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and Ralph Lauren’s “Big Pony” collection fragrance launch, which featured a much-tweeted gourmet dinner based around the ingredients in the four scents (disclosure: I was there, and may have been responsible for the rogue hashtag, “#ridethepony“).As the co-founder of Klickable TV and now of IRL Productions, interactivity has always been her bread and butter, and she intuitively understands how to merge brand identity with cutting-edge user experience, both on and offline. One more disclosure: Emily is also my partner in Change The Ratio, an endeavor we co-founded to improve visibility, opportunity and access for women in new media and tech.Download the presentation and request a facilitator's guide for group presentations at the links above.

After viewing all 4 modules online, you will receive a downloadable certificate verifying your successful completion of the Internet Savvy Training.In my opinion, their success was the just the final one.We at Levitum recently had learnings from an MVP that we put out, and experiments that we ran. By adding search preferences and making the app localized we're trying to create an experience where the online conversation can lead to an offline connection.Thanks for the thoughts everyone :)I used to open dating apps during short breaks in my day just to kill some time...She’s also a great example of how quickly brands are built these days: IRL launched officially in June, and is now a go-to in the space.