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SAIF says access to funds could be delayed if no provision is made to pass on online banking details after someone’s death.Social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter could also remain inactive for years after a loved one’s death if passwords are not shared or clear instructions left.

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For real women, even a vague mention of a boyfriend or husband as an aside would get these righteous Internet College Males screeching in rage that you were an evil Attention Whore pretending to be female to get things.In response, girls started just to avoid the harassment.Last year, The Co-operative Funeralcare issued a similar warning about the problems of dealing with online accounts after someone dies after research revealed virtually everyone now has an online bank account, but three out of four have not made any arrangements for details to be passed on.The Law Society has also urged people to maintain a list of online accounts to make it easier for family and leave clear instructions about what should happen to their social media, computer games and other online accounts after their death.Sadly, men pretending to be women became even common as well; it soon became apparent that announcing you were female online (and thus a geek girl) was a way to get lots of attention and accommodation from other users, even to the point of some them being tricked into mailing gifts, cash, or passwords.

In some circles the backlash was huge and violent, leading to anyone claiming to be female to instantly be accosted with demands of "proof" (eventually codified as "Tits or GTFO").I often hear it argued that using something better than passwords will fix the problem, for example, public/private key pairs.There’s actually two fundamental reasons why this ain’t so…Of course, proving you are female online is something of a conundrum, since any pictures or voice you present as proof can just as easily have come from a sister, girlfriend, or random site — which thanks to webcams was later solved by asking for a "timestamp", a picture with the current date, time, and a certain message (which could be pictured with a woman who just happened to be near the actual poster, but it helps).Not proving it or refusing to share pictures means that you would be assumed to be male and only pretending to be female for the attention or (if in a game) free items.The money in them will go into the ‘pot’ with other bank accounts, but the problem is that whoever is dealing with your assets might not even know they exist and they are not going to get a paper statement through the post to alert them to your digital stash.’Online banking is another problem.