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To make the most possible progress, the dedicated teachers at Brightmont Academy are experienced at implementing the best accommodations for each student’s learning disabilities.

Customization is not just for the benefit of students.

The teacher: Some students in Project Athena may be twice-exceptional, both gifted and learning-disabled or attention deficit.

Those students may require additional accommodation approaches to be employed.

Some students also benefit from reversing the teacher-student relationship by working in after-school study groups where they act as tutors.

Some student mentors come to realize very quickly that teaching is a form of learning.

Brightmont Academy offers a new beginning for students with learning disabilities.

Our one-to-one instruction method, combined with knowledgeable, caring teachers, provides the perfect opportunity for success.In its commitment to ensuring that no otherwise qualified student with a disability is subjected to unlawful discrimination in the context of his/her educational experience, the College makes certain that students with disabilities are provided equal access to educational and career development programs and/or student activities.Consequently, as noted above, the College will make, on behalf of qualified students with learning and physical disabilities of which the College is aware, reasonable accommodations that do not impose undue hardships on the College.According to the National Council of Teachers of English, students who do not find representations of their own cultures in texts are likely to lose interest in school-based literacies.(Read how one new teacher learned this valuable lesson in this excerpt from .) Have your students complete a short survey on their outside interests and use that information to assist in building your lesson plans.Students and their families are strongly encouraged to disclose and discuss possible accommodations during the enrollment process.