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more Boorishness, political bias and even frugality, said a half-dozen people among more than 100 singles who attended the recent launch of a new Silicon Valley chapter of Three Day Rule, a dating service that allows clients to outsource their love lives, for a fee.(It’s currently geared toward straight people; services for gays and lesbians are in the works.) “I did meet one guy on Tinder who I had lunch with on a Sunday, and it was just very obvious that he had only one thing on his mind ,” said a 40-year-old, divorced closet designer from San Jose. ’” It’s the ninth chapter in the nation for the Los Angeles company, founded in 2013 and backed by Internet company IAC, which also owns Match, Ok Cupid, Our Time and other dating services.For those of you out-of-the-know, the 2-day rule is the assumption that a person must wait at least two days after initial contact with someone they’re interested in before getting in touch with them.

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Emotional Procrastination: A Cumulative Effect Take the situation of receiving a communication request. You’ll put it off until the weekend until you can find a stretch of time to focus your attention on communicating with them. At this point, your match may start to assume that your silence is an indication that you’re just not that interested in even exchanging the most basic and noncommittal questions and answers.

A match sees something or many things that they like about your profile and take the plunge to send you a few questions. And you even may start to feel as though you shouldn’t respond because too much time has passed and it somehow devalues the potential for a relationship.

less At the Three Day Rule matchmaking event at LV Mar restaurant in Redwood City, guests and matchmakers interact.

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Here’s what I found: 79% of all women researched say they won’t answer the phone anymore if a guy doesn’t call them within the first 1-3 days.

Only 9% of all men researched say they had success after waiting 3 days or longer before calling women.

We have had successful careers, and we follow our passions. We know that with all of the apps, blogs, and characters out there, dating can be tough, but we believe that a positive, personalized, inspiring approach is the best way to help our clients find love.

We are highly motivated and passionate about disrupting the matchmaking business.

Taking some time between communications may seem like a good thing to do.

Yet in the digital divide between intended meaning and what comes through in messages sent to your matches, you may find that applying outmoded offline etiquette like the 2-day rule to the online world may actually make you seem more romantically inept than socially adept.

You read them but then make a mental note to answer them later. All of these assumptions could cause you to miss out on a great person for you because of believing in this 2-day rule myth.