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Choose from your state or city below and see what open mics we have found in your area.

OPEN MICS IN THE US: ALABAMA - ALASKA - ARIZONA - ARKANSAS - CALIFORNIA - COLORADO - CONNECTICUT - DELAWARE - FLORIDA - GEORGIA - IDAHO - ILLINOIS minneapolis - MISSOURI - NEVADA - NEW JERSEY - NEW MEXICO - NEW YORK - NORTH CAROLINA - NORTH DAKOTA - OHIO - OKLAHOMA - OREGON - PENNSYLVANIA - RHODE ISLAND - TENNESEE - TEXAS - UTAH - VERMONT - VIRGINIA - WASHINGTON If you know of any corrections that need to be made to this list (have an open mike to add, know that an open mike is not running and should be deleted from this listing), let us know with a letter, and we can make a point to correct it.

So unless you're an experienced mountaineer or rock climber it's best to seek expert guidance.

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This installation was created by artist Lyndall Phelps in collaboration with physicist Dr Ben Still, who have been working together since 2012 exploring particle physics. This piece, series, which brings together artists and physicists to create new works of art.

And yes, you do get to climb down some ladders into the usually fenced-off ice wells that sit beneath the museum building.

Several adventure holiday companies offer fairly demanding guided mountain treks.

They include Explore Worldwide (01252 760 025; Exodus (08; and KE Adventure (01768 773966;

Across Ferndale Road is the main Bon Marché building.

Stop 1: Former Bon Marché and Quin & Axtens Department Stores The Bon Marché building between the railway bridges and Ferndale Road lays claim to two firsts.There's more to Spain than the bars and beaches of the Costa del Sol and the Balearics.Harriet O'Brien explores the Iberian Peninsula and finds a wealth of activities to get the pulse racing, from walking tours in Andalucia to kite-surfing on the Atlantic coast ACTIVE SPAIN - THAT'LL BE GOLF AND WATER SPORTS, RIGHT?It is apparently the first purpose built department store in Britain (dating as it does from 1877) and it is said to be the first steel framed building in the UK.It was named after the famous left bank Parisian department store.It was actually built as an extension to our first stop (Bon Marché store) in 1905.